Thoughts turn to Brands Hatch.....

Brian Chandler is making up for lost ground. Photo: Jon Elsey

Forty three MK1s will provide the antidote to a glut of Caterham racing this weekend as the MX-5 Championship rolls into Brands Hatch for what are now rounds 10 and 11 of the 2014 season.

With backing from Kent MX-5 Services, Farnham’s James Blake Baldwin #6 heads into the second half of the season with an eighteen point advantage over adversary Johnathan JJ Clements #88. However, Alan Henderson #3 is only a further two points adrift and the Durham racer can count himself unlucky that the race he won at Cadwell Park was declared null & void.  This trio look like the most likely contenders to fight out the title battle but Charlie Charman #42 and Simon Baldwin #48 are not completely out of the picture just yet.

Of course, there are plenty other battles throughout the grid and it will be interesting to see if the hard charging Brian Chandler can continue to make up for lost ground. Brands will only be Brian’s third meeting of the season, otherwise he would surely be a fourth contender for the crown.

A warm welcome to two new drivers who make their championship debuts this weekend; Harry Woodman #90 from Redhill in Surrey and Simon Ricketts #100 from Walmer in Kent. Although not a new driver, another Man of Kent, will be racing in the Mazda Championship for the first time in a couple of years; #122 Chris Dawkins last raced a Mk1 with us at Snetterton in April 2012.

The weather for the weekend is looking mixed. It will be warm on both days but there is a good chance of heavy rain late on Saturday afternoon. You can view a detailed forecast at BRANDS HATCH FORECAST

Saturday is a day of practice and qualifying with all four races scheduled for Sunday. You can see split for the practice and qualifying groups at BRANDS HATCH GROUPS 

The full entry list is;

2              David Staples                                                    

3              Alan Henderson                                                              

6              James Blake-Baldwin                                                     

8              Michael Fisk                                                      

10           Michael Lawson                                                               

12           Andrew Caird                                                                                                                   

13           Scott Leach                                                        

15           Harry Deane                                                      

18           Clive Powles                                                      

21           Henry Lawson                                                  

22           Chris Hart                                                           

23           Martin Tolley                                                    

26           Paul Yeomans                                                   

31           Sam Smith                                                          

34           Matthew Tasker                                                              

37           James Harris                                                      

41           Kevin Brent                                                       

42           Charlie Charman                                                              

43           Will Blackwell-Chambers                                                              

44           Paul Bishop                                                        

46           Simon Goddard                                                               

48           Simon Baldwin                                                 

55           Graham Colby                                                  

61           Lewis Field                                                         

62           William Stephenson                                                       

63           Oliver Allwood                                                 

68           Paul Tucker                                                        

72           Joshua Jackson                                                

75           Bruce Carter / Guy Carter                                                            

76           Brian Chandler                                                 

77           John Cockburn-Evans                                                    

88           Johnathan (JJ) Clements                                                              

90           Harry Woodman                                                              

100         Simon Ricketts                                                 

101         Simon Woods                                                   

105         Roger Chesneau                                                              

107         Nick Holmes                                                      

111         Danny Green                                                    

122         Chris Dawkins                                                   

142         Tony Liversidge                                                

147         Ben Tuck                                                             

188         Jake Simpson                                                    

285         Darron Lewis      

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